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Vigour, spirit and enthusiasm.

Two Verves Trading is a local, family-owned wholesale company focusing on the distribution of medical supplies and breastfeeding essentials from renowned international brands.


But at our core, we are all about bringing convenience for medical professionals, comfort for patients, and ease for new mothers. It's why we do what we do! 


As a family company with an extensive background in the medical field, nothing is more important to us than the quality and reliability of our products. We only distribute brands that we know and trust, after thorough research and testing.

Why choose us


At Two Verves, we take pride in our reputation for delivering products that you can trust. That's why we only distribute brands that meet our rigorous standards for quality, safety, and reliability. We have everything you need to provide the highest level of care.


We will work closely with you to provide solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and challenges. Whether you're looking to reduce costs, increase efficiency, or improve customer satisfaction, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.


You can trust that your transactions are secure and protected. We also offer flexible payment options to meet your needs, and our customer service team is always available to answer your questions and provide assistance with your purchases.


We work closely with manufacturers to ensure that all of the products we carry are of the highest quality and backed by years of research and development. In addition, we regularly monitor our products to ensure that they continue to meet our high standards.

Passionate from the Start



Two Verves was first established in 2014 by Founder Jancis Tromp. When Jancis began her journey studying law, she decided to transfer the company over so that she can pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer. This is when the opportunity arose for the Ho-Kang-Yous, who have an extensive history in the medical field running their own Doctor's office. Dr. Marcel Ho-Kang-You is a General Practitioner and Veronica Ho-Kang-You is a sucessful businesswoman. By putting their skills and passions together, continuing the legacy of Two Verves was exactly what their calling was.

The rest is history. The company was bought in 2022 by the Ho-Kang-Yous, who have been working endlessly to introduce new products to the market and bring positive changes to the medical industry here in Aruba!

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