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EXELINT INTERNATIONAL has been distributing disposable medical health care products since the 1980s. Its comprehensive product line features both safety and conventional disposable hypodermic products. 

Used exclusively by healthcare professionals.

Exelint Brand
Medela Brand

MEDELA has been devoted, over the last 60 years, to the science of making the most delicate form of care simple, intuitive, and effective. Its products go beyond form and function. They heal, nurture health, and build bonds.

Available in-stores at:


  • Bliss at Super Food

  • Little Smiles

  • Captain Cook

  • Botica Santa Anna

  • Botica Paradera

  • Botica Aloë

Pro Advantage

PRO ADVANTAGE is part of NDC Incorporated, which is a long recognized leader within healthcare distribution. 

Used exclusively by healthcare professionals.​

Pro Advantage Brand
Clinell Brand

CLINELL products provide healthcare professionals with the most effective solutions available by combining innovative technology with ease of use. Each product is supported and verified by solid clinical evidence.​

Used exclusively by healthcare professionals.​


DUKAL is a leader in the development and manufacturing of medical products, partnering with healthcare professionals to launch innovative solutions to unmet clinical needs. The well-being of patients and all who serve them is at the heart of what they do.

Used exclusively by healthcare professionals.​

Dukal Brand
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